Studio Saaz provides Jazz Drum classes at Mansarovar. Institute has its own complete kit of drums of Mapex brand which is of great quality and provides the student a good instrument to learn at. Drums are quite popular these days as the rock music has taken a huge popularity lately. With exposure to classic rock bands from west, indie rock has also made its place and gained popularity amongst music lovers. Also, forming a band in college or office is a great experience in itself, and having a drummer is a must. And you won’t find a lot of drummers around that easily. Drum is very easy to pick up in the beginning but yes like other instruments, it takes time to master it. Also, drum kits are relatively costlier than other musical instruments, but then if one really has inclination and interest towards learning this beautiful instrument, it’s worth an investment. Nevertheless we do have our own drum kit at the academy so you need to not worry about buying for at least a few months. Call now or visit our academy.

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