Guitar for beginners

Guitar for beginners

Guitar beginner? Or want to learn guitar? The first question that comes to mind after making up mind to learn guitar.

Which guitar to buy ??

Should I go for that fancy guitar my facebook acquaintance flaunts?  Or should I go for the costlier one with a brand name behind it?

No need to worry, just keep a few points in mind before buying your first guitar.

The first guitar is a memory

Your first guitar will find a very special place in your heart very soon. Do not go for a real cheap quality of the guitar. It won’t last long enough. Go for a decent quality of the instrument. It will stay with you for years, maybe an entire lifetime.

Having said that…

Do not go for too costly guitars in the beginning

The majority of the enthusiasts leave the instrument pretty soon. With no means to discourage you, one should not go for a very fancy costly guitar in the beginning. It might end up in a showcase or worst in the store room.

Buy as per your need

Do not get influenced what seasoned players are playing, or what your facebook friends have. Buy a guitar which would suit your playing needs.

Acoustic or Electric

Highly recommended is acoustic in the beginning. You get to start practicing whenever you feel like. No need to setup the chords and all. Plus much cheaper than electric guitar. Once you grow in the learning curve, you can always upgrade your guitar inventory.

Below are some of the beginner guitars you can give a try.

Juarez JRZ38C

Juârez JRZ38CT

Zabel Elletra Series

Kadence Frontier Series

Kadence Frontier Series,KAD-FNTR-NAT-C

Kadence Frontier Series Q10

4 responses to “Guitar for beginners”

  1. Chitransh says:

    Could you help me out with price structure??

    • saazmanager says:

      Hello Chitransh- Prices for all the guitars are mentioned in the image itself. You can click on them to go to Amazon’s website to check more details. Hope it helps !

  2. Vaibhav says:

    Hello, I have interest in playing fingerstyle guitar. Do you teach that as well??

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